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The Hauts-de-France region logo
Région Hauts-De-France

Populated and dynamic region, having at heart formation, solidarity and youth: the Hauts de France support "High and Loud" the Summer Space Festival thanks to their financial support.

The city of Lille logo
Ville de Lille

The City of Lille supports the project by making available the Saint Sauveur Station: a cultural space and a major venue for the Lille scene, this former station from 1865 combines the industrial heritage of the North and its conversion into a young and dynamic region carrying "High and Loud" many cultural actions.

The 3AF logo

Created in 1972, 3AF is the French Aeronautics and Space Association. With 1500 members, its purpose is the advancement and promotion of aerospace sciences and techniques. Major supporter since the beginning of the project, through Eric Deletombe and Gérard Laruelle, 3AF provides its network and its advice.

Euratechnologies logo

Euratechnologies is one of the most important incubators in France: bringing together more than 300 companies and 200 start-ups, it has been ranked as one of the top 10 incubators in Europe. Already part of the ESA BIC network and eager to develop space applications, Euratechnologies will organize a 4-day space hackathon (Monday, June 28 to Friday, July 2), the final of which will be held during the festival.

Centrale Lille logo
Centrale Lille

Four engineering schools, seven research laboratories, several thousand students: for more than 160 years, Centrale Lille has been training top-level engineers and researchers. Their values: Audacity, Exigence, Respect.
Thus, the School supports the ambition of the Summer Space Festival, notably carried by its students and 3 Centralian associations: Centrale Lille Audiovisual Productions, Centrale Talk, Centrale Lille Aéro&Space.

Centrale Lille Associations logo
Centrale Lille Associations

Centrale Lille Associations organizes and promotes the associative life of Centrale Lille students. It relies on nearly a thousand student engineers involved in their associative life, who have ensured the perpetual development of Centrale Lille's associative structures for over a century and a half.

Centrale Lille Alumni logo
Centrale Lille Alumni

Centrale Lille Alumni is the association of the Centrale Lille network, gathering 12 000 graduates and students from prestigious universities of the Centrale Lille Group (École Centrale de Lille, ITEEM, IG2I). Its missions : develop the influence of Centrale Lille alumni, foster its members' professional and personal development and be a network of trust and assistance to its all its members.

Junia ISEN logo

For more than 60 years, Junia ISEN has been the path of excellence to become an engineer in the digital professions and offers 10 areas of professionalization. Junia ISEN is one of the diplomas of Junia, the great school of transitions. The student association Laïka carries out projects in aerospace, aeronautics and home automation.

ELISA Aerospace logo
ELISA Aerospace

ELISA Aerospace offers innovative training for youths passionate about aeronautics, space, defense, automotive, rail, naval, and the transportation of the future. ELISA Aerospace's mission is to train scientific and technical engineers, experts in systems engineering and advanced technicians in the fields of aerospace and transportation of the future, which innovative companies need to meet current challenges and ensure their growth, in France and abroad.

ELISA Alumni logo
ELISA Alumni

The purpose of the ELISA Alumni Association is to federate meetings between alumni and engineering students, to support and inform members about the life of the school. It enables the spirit of solidarity that founded the school to be perpetuated beyond the school.

Communications Smart logo
Communications Smart

Communications-smart is an international press relations hub for start-ups, scale-ups and established space operators. Its president, Jacques Denavaut, from the North of France, offers his advice and knowledge for the benefit of the festival's program and influence.

Jean-Jacques Dordain
Jean-Jacques Dordain

From 2003 to 2015, Jean-Jacques Dordain was the Director General of the European Space Agency. He is currently an advisor for the initiative. Attached to his northern roots and to our values, he is sponsor and presenter of the event.

Rainbow Shaker logo
Rainbow Shaker

Rainbow Shaker offers innovative and agile interior and event design services for individuals and professionals. Former aerospace propulsion engineer, its founder Justine Guillermou joined this project in order to combine her two passions and apply her design skills to the service of space.

ispace logo

ispace is a private lunar exploration company with the vision to create a new ecosystem in outer space and expand the human living sphere beyond Earth.
ispace develops robotic spacecraft technologies to build landers and small rovers, to provide lunar transportation and exploration services. ispace's commercial missions to the Moon are planned in 2022 and 2023 (as of June 2021) and future missions will allow us to learn more about the Moon’s water and how to use it as propellant to broaden access to space. ispace Europe (Luxembourg) is developing exploration rovers and data processing tools.

La Coupole logo
La Coupole

Discover the Coupole - Planetarium 3D: a single place, two facilities where history and science meet, from the V2 rocket to the conquest of space.
Built in 1944 by the German army, this colossal dome, 71 metres in diameter and 55,000 tonnes, was to house the preparations for the secret weapon with which Hitler intended to destroy London: the V2 rocket.
Today, on the former launch pad, the 3D planetarium in the dome propels you into the stars in three dimensions

Aeroclub de France logo
L’Aeroclub de France

The Aeroclub de France supports the Summer Space Festival.
The Aeroclub de France is the first aeronautical institution in the world and is the national body representing all French air sports disciplines.

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